Decorative Boarding

RGB Facades portfolio includes some major cladding brands such as Marley Eternit, Rockpanel, Cembrit, Swisspearl, ACM and Vitradual which are manufactured from various materials and finishes, providing a wide choice of product & colour options.

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Key Features

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Rapid Installation

rgb facades

Cost Effective

Wide range of textures and colours icon

Wide Range of Colours & Textures


Cembrit offer a range of natural and authentic facade boards with unique features.

The Cembrit Patina design line

A homogeneous, practical rain cover that matures as the building ages.

Cembrit Solid

An intensely pigmented, acrylic-coated fiber cement board.

Cembrit Cover

A coated façade panel made of decorative fiber cement with more than 2000 NCS colors made to order

Benefits of Cembrit

  • Diverse range of specialist building boards
  • BBA Approved
  • Lightweight
  • Wide range of colours & Textures
  • Rapid Installation
  • Cost Effective