There are plenty of materials to choose from when it comes to cladding. From brick and terracotta cladding to steel cladding, the type you go for can greatly alter the appearance of a building. It’s important to consider what sort of aesthetic you want and which material will be most suitable for the application you need. 

One versatile option is mesh cladding — but what exactly is it and why should you choose it? Let’s take a closer look…

What is mesh cladding?

Usually, mesh cladding is made from aluminium, although other metals and materials are available. This type of cladding is made up of finely woven pieces of metal that create a mesh panel. At RGB Facades, we offer a great range of aluminium cladding options, including our Genius Breeze mesh cladding design.

Why should you choose mesh cladding?

With this in mind, here are several benefits of mesh cladding.

1. It adds an interesting aesthetic 

If you want to give your constructions a distinctive appearance, mesh cladding is the way to go. The woven patterns of metal create an interesting texture and can add depth through shadow. 

2. It’s versatile

As well as looking great, mesh cladding is incredibly versatile — both in its construction and the way you can apply it. You can use full panels of mesh cladding to cover entire buildings or use it alongside other cladding materials to create a fantastic sense of contrast.

Due to the wide array of designs and patterns available, mesh cladding is suitable for both residential and commercial buildings. At RGB Facades, we offer both bespoke and standard fixing grids for our cladding so you can find the perfect form for your needs.

3. There are plenty of varieties to choose from

As mentioned above, mesh cladding is available in a range of patterns. Rather than having a single block or plain panel of cladding, the pieces of metal can be woven in different ornamental patterns. This means you can choose bold mesh with thick strips and wide, evenly spaced gaps or go for something more delicate or intricate. As such, mesh cladding can make a unique addition to both modern and traditional buildings. 

Our Genous Breeze mesh cladding is available in a selection of different colours, too. So you can tailor it to your design needs. Why not get in touch to learn more about our colour options?

4. It’s great for ventilation

Because of its formation, mesh cladding is ideal for creating airflow. This makes it the perfect facade choice for buildings such as parking structures that require specified levels of ventilation to adhere to regulations.

5. Mesh cladding is robust

If you’re wondering which cladding material is best for high-traffic areas, wire mesh could be the ideal choice. The interwoven metal adds structural integrity, making it robust enough to withstand high volumes of passing traffic. 

Cladding from RGB Facades

As you can see, mesh cladding is both functional and decorative. Its versatility makes it a great choice for facades of all kinds, both residential and commercial. You can use full panels of mesh for your project or consider mixing and matching it with other materials and designs — why not explore our terracotta and brick cladding options, for instance? Take a look at our brochure.

Whichever kind of cladding works best for you, you can feel confident knowing the RGB Facades team has the experience and knowledge to manufacture and provide top-quality facades. All our cladding options are safe, weatherproof (CWCT tested), and reliable. Learn about the RGB process, and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.