A spandrel panel is a factory-made, prefabricated panel that can act as a dividing wall, gable block wall alternative. While diving wall spandrels will sit on the leaves of the cavity wall, gable panels sit on the inner block of the external wall.

While the term “spandrel panel” is generally used to refer to panels used in roof construction, be aware that the word “spandrel” is often used to describe the triangular space found between a curved figure and a rectangular boundary or entrance way.

Like most building materials, panels are required to meet strict fire safety, acoustic, thermal, and moisture requirements. It’s important to choose the right panels for your project, as different products will have different dimensions, functional properties, and safety-orientated properties.

Your materials provider will be able to chat to you about their products and make suitable recommendations for your project.


Flammability and spandrel panels

With flammable cladding being linked to high-profile residential fires in recent years, there is an increased awareness (within the building industry and amongst the public) of the importance of non-combustible building materials.

For the health and safety of a building’s occupants, it’s crucial that builders know the fire safety properties of any spandrel panels they use in the construction or renovation of a property.

While it can be tedious to test already installed materials (panel composition can be assessed through sample testing), a new building, extension, or renovation gives builders the chance to get it right the first time — with the highest quality, fire safe spandrels available.

Always ask your spandrel provider about the technical details of the panels you’re purchasing. You’ll need to ensure you’re installing a product that’s legal for its purpose in your construction job, with the fire safety rating to back it up.

To learn more about the fire safety properties of any of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch. A member of our team can discuss specifics with you.


Our Genius A1 Spandrel 

At RGB Facades, we stock our innovative Genius A1 Spandrel panel. It’s a cost-effective, non-combustible, lightweight panel that’s been specifically designed for use in a variety of curtain wall or window systems. 

It can be used in construction quickly and efficiently and can be installed from mechanical access equipment. Plus, it’s available in a wide range of textures and colours so you can pick a style that suits your project.

From a technical point of view, you might be interested to know that based on a typical 28mm thickness, it has a thermal U-Value of 0.97 W/(m2K) and weight circa 15kg/m2.

As it’s recyclable, the Genius A1 Spandrel is also a great eco-friendly spandrel option.


RGB Facades | Spandrel panels and cladding

Learn more about our Genius A1 Spandrel panel or contact us today to learn about the specifics from a member of our friendly team. We’ll talk you through the key features and product details so you can see if the Genius A1 is the best fit for your needs. 

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