Essentially, cladding in construction terms is when a layer is added to improve the appearance of a building structure. There are many different types of cladding, but stone cladding is a popular material for both interior and exterior applications. Why? Read on to discover 6 great benefits of using stone cladding systems in your construction work.

1. Appearance

Natural materials have become popular for their authentic and rustic finish. Stone cladding shows thousands of years worth of age, adding a unique, rustic aesthetic.

You can also choose from a variety of finishes and colours, opting for warmer or cooler tones depending on your desired look.

2. Durability

Stone cladding is incredibly resilient. In comparison to other claddings like wood, which needs regular upkeep against mould and water damage, stone cladding needs very little maintenance. 

Its qualities include being:

  • Non-porous
  • Resistant to fire
  • Water damage resistant
  • Durable in extreme weather conditions
  • Less prone to chipping than concrete
  • One of the few forms of cladding that improves appearance with time

As well as looking great for an interior, stone cladding is the perfect exterior material because of its impact resistance. This quality makes it an appropriate choice for areas prone to heavy footfall.

3. Easy (and cost-effective) installation

Stone cladding is also much lighter than traditional stone and has a swan-smooth backing. These attributes make installation far easier as a smoother surface is able to adhere to a suitable substrate more effectively. 

As such, this form of cladding makes for a faster, easier fitting process. Rather than having to choose your stone tiles individually, they also come in set sizes. By drastically reducing the time and labour required to choose and fix it, stone cladding is an incredibly cost-effective material and a worthwhile investment.

4. Multi-purpose versatility

Stone cladding is a versatile product. Not only does it make for an impactful exterior, but it can also be used to add character to an interior too.

Why not try stone cladding for one of the following uses?

  • Bathroom statement wall
  • Fireplace
  • Visual division in an open space

Popular choices have steered toward more organic-looking finishes rather than plastic, modern appearances. And it is easy to see why. Stone cladding is guaranteed to amplify the warmth of an interior space.

5. Enhances property value

Stone cladding homes are in demand. As trends have recently favoured cottage core chic over the minimalist modern, stone cladding systems will improve your property’s value. The aesthetic adopts a classic edge whilst maintaining a contemporary look. 

The added durability, versatility and insulation of stone cladding is also an added advantage. Its multi-purpose qualities puts you in a position to market your property higher.

6. Sustainable

There is a growing market for timeless-looking homes that are environmentally friendly. Stone is an abundant resource and comes in many different forms, veins, textures, and colours. Stone contains no chemicals or hazardous toxins, so when designing your home with stone cladding in mind, rest assured that your choice will not cause any detriment to the environment. 

Stone is quarried and manufactured sustainably, and can be resourced locally or internationally. After your stone cladding has served its life on your structure, the materials are completely recyclable and can be repurposed in a variety of ways.

Stone cladding from RGB Facades

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