A traditional brick finish remains enduringly popular. This icon of British construction has been around since the Industrial Revolution and continues to be a dependable and sought after material. Cladding systems offer all the aesthetics of traditional brickwork while delivering several benefits for the construction industry. Here’s why you should consider brick cladding for your next project.


As the construction industry races to find ways to decarbonise, brick cladding delivers exceptional thermal performance. Using the Mech Slip or Natural X installation system, brick slip cladding can be designed to incorporate insulation for superior thermal performance. As a result, the right cladding system can help you meet your target U-values.

In addition, brick cladding uses fewer raw materials and less energy during manufacture than traditional brick, reducing its carbon footprint. As a result, it’s an ideal way to level up older buildings to meet modern energy efficiency ratings.

Ease of Installation

Brick cladding is lightweight and easy to install, offering a fast-track solution for any commercial or residential project. Brick slips are slimmer and lighter in weight than traditional bricks and are installed using lightweight aluminium rails.

This type of lightweight and non-load bearing cladding is also ideal for projects where space is at a premium. You’ll find that building upwards becomes highly achievable. For example, changes to permitted development rights now make it easier to add floors to existing buildings. Lightweight brick cladding systems simplify design, reduce costs and don’t require the same foundations as traditional masonry.

Meet Planning Requirements

An authentic brick finish is often required to meet planning requirements. Brick slips can be found in a range of popular finishes to match existing structures, creating a seamless finish and creating opportunities to retrofit insulation.

Our cladding systems are highly flexible, with versatile brick detailing options, allowing you to create a range of aesthetic effects. Consider combining brick cladding with options like terracotta cladding for a more contemporary project with a highly customisable finish.

Low Maintenance

Brick slips create a facade that looks good and provides enhanced protection as part of the building envelope. Hence one of the more significant advantages of installing brick cladding is the minimal maintenance it requires. Brick slips need little more than a regular power wash to remove signs of environmental staining and stay looking fresh. As a result, brick cladding can last for decades requiring very little upkeep.

Brick slips used in our facade installations are rated F2 Severe Exposure for frost resistance and are specially engineered for low water absorption.

Quality and Performance

Our brick cladding systems are designed with durability, quality and performance baked in. For example, the Mech Slip system is endorsed by BBA certification and enjoys NHBC approval. Every part of the system has undergone rigorous CWCT testing down to the last component. The slips used with the system are certified A1 Non-Combustible and conform to BS EN13501-1.

The brick slips used in our systems are also highly weather-resistant, delivering safety and durability you can depend on. It can be hard to specify materials in today’s construction climate. Still, the greater predictability and durability of brick cladding means you can specify our systems with total confidence.

The RGB Process

At RGB Facades, we’re with you every step of the way, from the first contact to supply and delivery. By working closely with architects and building specifiers, we can advise you on the right brick, terracotta or steel cladding for your next project. But whatever stage you’re at, we can specify a cladding system that suits your needs and aspirations.

For more information, check out our project gallery or download our product brochure. Then contact us to find out how our expertise can help you create beautiful and durable buildings.