Brick is a popular look for homeowners everywhere, but is there a way to produce that same look for a lower cost? That’s where brick slips come in. Today, we’ll be sharing in which way brick slips are cost-effective.

What is a Brick Slip?:

Brick slips are a type of cladding. Instead of using the entire piece of brick, you are using just a portion of it and sliding it into place. These slips are used to recreate the traditional look of masonry and most are created to match a standard brick size (215mm wide and 65mm tall).

This material is very durable and aesthetically pleasing.

What are the Benefits of Brick Slips?:

The first benefit has to be the cost. You will be paying a lower price to what you would if you were purchasing whole bricks.

Installing the bricks will also be easier and less labour-intensive because they are lighter and have an easy system to place them in. This is also an opportunity to save you money if you are paying for someone to fix these.

Other key benefits include the speed of installment, the lightness of the bricks and the durability.

Where to Purchase Brick Slips?:

If you’re ready to purchase brick slips for your next project, you are in good hands. Our team here at RGB Facades have a foolproof process and the right materials for the job.

It all starts with you contacting us. We will go over the ins and outs of what you would like to achieve. From here we’ll build a game plan which includes the design and the materials. Finally, we’ll ship the products to you.

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