The type of cladding you choose to finish the building you are working on can make a huge difference to the overall look of the building. Aspects such as different materials, mechanisms and finishes will impact how durable and beautiful a building is. More traditional cladding types include brick cladding and concrete cladding boards, but for a more modern stylish look many architects and designers are opting for metal cladding.

With so many different options to choose from, finding one that works for your building and is within budget can be difficult. Here at RGB facades we are here to help with our expert advice and handy blog section.

‘Hook on’ metal cladding – for example, the genius prime range or VariAL hook on

This type of metal cladding uses a 3mm aluminium ‘hook on’ panel which allows for rapid intalations and a minimalist finish. Often these panels come in large sheets, meaning it is much quicker to install than external brick cladding.

Concealed fittings – for example, the genius cassette range or VariAL concealed fix 1

The best aspects of this type of metal cladding is the concealed fixings which join the panels together. This allows for a seamless finish and is often used in large apartment blocks for a block colour finish.

Mesh panel facades – for example, the genius breeze range or VariAL mesh fix

Mesh panel facades can add a different look to the finish of a building, adding texture and style. They can be used to highlight certain areas of the building, easily turning a normal wall into a feature wall.

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