Good brick cladding is easily identified because it boasts a number of great key features. Whether it be brick cladding for outside walls or internal brick cladding in between rooms, there should be consistency in the key features.

We’ve broken down some of the essential factors you should be looking for when laying down brickwork for your customers. Let’s roll through them now:

Universal substructure

Brick cladding isn’t simply to give concrete work the appearance of traditional brick. It has to be consistently laid from the foundations upwards in order to appear realistic. This involves the creation of a substructure that is universal throughout – consistency in the layout is the classic sign of a great brick cladder.

Great thermal performance

Another key component of brick cladding is that it adds an additional layer of thermal protection, making it an ideal choice for buildings that suffer from thin walls or poor insulation. This is again where your skills as a brick cladder need to be shown – it needs to be laid as tightly and closely together as possible, otherwise the appearance of the bricks looks sloppy and the thermal performance is lowered.

Choice in texture and colour

A huge attraction of brick cladding right now is that it’s a fashionable aesthetic once more, and is an alternative for many buildings that don’t have existing brickwork. Because of this drive for how it looks, it’s imperative that a range of texture and colour is provided for your prospective customers. A limited choice may drive them to look elsewhere that offers the opportunity for their building to stand out.

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