Brick cladding for outside walls has a number of practical and aesthetic benefits in construction, including:

1) Appearance

Brick cladding can make a property look more aesthetically pleasing from the outside which can increase its curb appeal to potential buyers. Brick wall cladding is also available in various colours to match the other features of a building.

2) Restores strength

Brick cladding can protect the building it is being installed on from forming cracks and other damage caused by pollutants, mold, and temperature changes.

3) Less maintenance

Brick cladding requires minimal maintenance in comparison to painting. To keep brick cladding looking its best, it simply needs to be washed from time to time.

4) Insulation

Brick cladding provides buildings with enhanced insulation from both noise and heat loss, which is particularly useful for properties in busy urban environments.

5) Energy savings

The improved temperature regulation from the insulation provided by brick cladding will lead to long-term energy bill savings over time.

6) Protects interior

Brick cladding can protect buildings against water penetration to prevent any costly internal damage that can be difficult to rectify.

7) Increase property value

Brick cladding can significantly increase the value of a property due to its aesthetic and practical benefits.

8) Affordability

Installing brick slip cladding is much more affordable than constructing a full brick wall. Brick slips are also sold in boxes of half a square metre, so small areas can be completed at a low cost.

9) Longevity

Because brick slips are made out of real clay brick, they will last for many years as long as they are installed correctly by a professional.

10) Fire resistant

Clay bricks are inert and incombustible and so they will offer greater protection against fire and heat, depending on how they are constructed and applied.

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