Informed guide to the benefits of Metal and Mesh cladding as opposed to alternative options like brick cladding. Metal Cladding can be used over brick cladding.

The Advantages of Metal Cladding:


Metal cladding can withstand temperature changes, wind, sunlight, pollution and water more than other materials. Metals such as zinc and aluminium can have a lifespan well in excess of 50 years while copper boasts the ability to potentially last 100+ years!


Metal Cladding is made from common metals like steel and aluminium. This means that the cladding can be made from recycled metal and/or can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.


The properties of solid metal make it far more fire resistant than other cladding materials, giving clients peace of mind in the knowledge that they have minimised potential risk.

Advantages of Mesh Cladding:

Temperature regulation

Mesh cladding provides shade from the sun externally and is a natural ventilator. It also maintains thermal protection internally in colder months and has the ability to significantly reduce heating costs.


As a material mesh cladding is both flexible and durable, making it the ideal solution for buildings of a non-standard shape and design.

Can I clad Metal over external brick cladding?

Absolutely! Metal and mesh cladding over brick is an easy way of giving new life to a building. It’s sleek and modern look can instantly transform an old brick, making it more desirable and potentially add significant value.

As an alternative, brick slip cladding can be used on exterior or interior walls of a building and is quicker to install than metal cladding but may be more expensive.

Cladding over brick with metal is a good solution to improve the look of a building’s exterior as metal in itself is extremly lightweight, however internal brick cladding is also aesthetically pleasing particularly in kitchens to give a rustic look.

We would be delighted to discuss further advantages of metal and mesh cladding such as CWCT testing, flexibility in design and varied panel options. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.