When it comes to choosing a cladding material for your building, there are a lot of factors to consider. Whether you’re looking to improve sustainability and energy efficiency on an existing structure or are designing an innovative new development, aluminium may just be the perfect option. Lightweight, durable, and versatile, aluminium cladding gives you the flexibility to create something stylish and long-lasting, at an affordable price.

Cladding Materials

As well as defining the aesthetic of your building, cladding can insulate your property and protect the exterior against adverse weather. There are a number of cladding materials you can choose from, and each has different properties that may work best for certain architectural projects. Brick cladding, for example, is load-bearing and can give your buildings a traditional look, while terracotta cladding has distinct red colouring and can be glazed or unglazed. Aluminium, however, is one of the most adaptable cladding materials and can bring many benefits to a range of designs.

Maintenance and Safety

A big advantage of choosing aluminium cladding is the low level of maintenance needed to upkeep it. There are a variety of other cladding materials that look great but can end up being costly to look after. Rustic timber cladding, for example, may look beautiful, but it needs regular maintenance in the form of preservative and preventive treatments. Over time, it will also need painting to keep it looking fresh. Not only does the upkeep take time, but the costs can also add up. Aluminium, on the other hand, requires no continuous preservation and will protect your building for years to come. Moreover, aluminium doesn’t burn, so you can feel confident knowing your structures are safe for all purposes, residential and commercial. In fact, at RGB, all our metal and mesh cladding options are certified A1 Non-combustible.


Aluminium is the ideal material to insulate residential and commercial buildings of all sizes. Aluminium cladding can help keep heat in to reduce energy consumption. The benefits don’t just apply to new structures, either. If you’re renovating older properties, adding an aluminium facade can improve energy ratings and make the structure more efficient. What’s more, aluminium is one of the most sustainable metals you can go for, as it can be repurposed infinitely. Our PRIME and Genius Breeze ranges are completely recyclable.


Metal is one of the most diverse and aesthetically pleasing facade treatments, no matter what the architectural project. Steel cladding can offer something robust and textured, while aluminium can be adapted to suit a range of aesthetics. From traditional designs to contemporary innovations that think outside the box, aluminium gives you artistic freedom and flexibility. If you’re looking for something sleek and shiny, you can utilise its smooth, rust-resistant appearance. Alternatively, you can apply an array of different finishes to achieve unique looks. Aluminium also offers endless colour possibilities. Subtle, or bold and striking — the choice is yours. We’re happy to help out during the design process and customise or colour match any materials you may need. As well as adding the final touch to new buildings, aluminium facades can transform old and tired establishments quickly and easily. Because the metal is so lightweight, aluminium panels can be added to existing properties without having to reinforce or restructure. What’s more, the speed and ease of installation can reduce construction costs — ideal if you’re on a budget. Choosing a cladding material for your building is an important step in the design process. Durable yet versatile aluminium can be a great option for all kinds of projects. If you’d like to find out more about our cladding options, why not get in touch?