Got a project coming up that could benefit from brick slips? Here’s all you need to know about these slimline brick cladding materials.

What are brick slips?

Brick slips are tiles that emulate the look of full bricks to the extent that most people would struggle to tell the difference. A range of manufacturing techniques are used to create this brick cladding system. They usually consist of plaster, mortar, moulded concrete, or glazed slips which are made in a kiln.

Manufacturers usually cut and make slips from real (often unclaimed) bricks, which is why the end-product looks genuine. Before being applied to a specified surface, 20mm of each brick is sheared off – resulting in an authentic appearance.

Five reasons to make brick cladding part of your next project

1. Save space and stay warm 

Brick slips are thin and take up less space than traditional full bricks. You could reduce wall thickness by approximately 8cm to provide more room for insulation. This reductive approach to cladding translates into better aesthetics and more warmth. It ultimately creates a space that’s both pleasant and comfortable to spend time in.

2. No surface is off limits with brick slips

You can use brick slip cladding on any surface. So, there’s no need to limit your imagination. Slips can be used not just on walls but also coverings, ceilings, and corbelling. No matter how demanding the client’s brief you’ll be able to locate a creative solution that satisfies the needs of their project brief.

3. Simple and cost-effective to install

Time is money and that’s where brick cladding comes into its own. Installing slips takes next to no time compared to normal bricks – and you don’t have to make any modifications to household features like doors and windows. As a result, projects face minimal delay and, therefore, less expense. 

Installation time is faster due to the:

    1. lightweight structure that makes lifting and fitting the brick cladding systems less labour-intensive
    2. all-weather materials used that allow installers to work in even the harshest conditions
    3. mechanical components that allow installers to fit slips securely and without the need to revisit the site to correct issues

4. Suitable for all types of property

Brick slips come in a range of styles to suit contemporary or traditional properties. The cladding can be further modified using a range of finishes that allow the installer to accomplish a smooth, creased, sanded, or distressed look. An industry process known as rumbling can achieve softer edges, too. Overall, brick cladding is a flexible option that can suit the specifications of most projects.

5. Like full bricks – but without the cost

Spending money on full bricks makes little sense when you can buy slips for a fraction of the cost. Ultimately the desired effect is the same. You can complete projects to specification while leaving room within your client’s budget for additional modifications that might otherwise have been beyond their means. 

Brick cladding you can depend on – service you can trust

Every project is different. That’s why you need an experienced partner with the product range and imagination needed to locate the right solution at the right price.

Working with our trusted partners we’ll be able to find the right fit for your client’s project. Why not take a look at our project gallery for inspiration? Alternatively, you can talk to one of our knowledgeable RGB Facades team members today to learn more.