One of the most important features of any new development or refurbishment project is the cladding. Not only will it create people’s first impression of a building, choosing the right type of cladding can have a significant impact on energy efficiency and running costs.

What is cladding?

Cladding is the non-structural external ‘skin’ of a building. It provides protection to the structural elements of the building from the weather, thermal insulation and is often the main feature of a building’s appearance.

What types of cladding are there?

There is a vast range of cladding used in construction today. From traditional exterior brick cladding to ultra-modern metal cladding options that we at RGB Facades offer with our partners at genius Facades. Most new developments use mechanically fixed cladding systems to allow for fast, hassle-free installation. Our Mechslip and Natural-x combine the benefits of a mechanically fixed cladding system with the aesthetics of traditional, natural brick cladding.

What is rainscreen cladding?

Our CWCT tested rainscreen cladding system consists of stone tiles that are mechanically fixed to the building. This system provides a useful cavity behind the cladding allowing for greater thermal and acoustic insulation.

Why should I use a rainscreen cladding system?

There are many benefits to the rainscreen cladding system. Firstly, the construction time of this system can be up to 2 or 3 times faster than traditional methods. The thermal insulation properties can reduce the energy costs of the building by maintaining a more constant temperature. Plus, it will help to reduce the fatigue placed on structural elements of the building caused by large temperature changes. Finally, the variety of stone panels available for this system will mean it can be incorporated into virtually any surroundings.

Any more questions?

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